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Efficient Trane HVAC Units

Your central air conditioning system consists of two main parts: an outdoor unit (condenser or heat pump) and an indoor unit (furnace or air handler). Len's Heating & Air Conditioning conducted a complete study of all the HVAC equipment brands available before choosing Trane. After carefully reviewing all the supply options, we feel that Trane is the best value you can choose. Trane has a long track record of quality, reliability, and service, just like we do. Take a look at the products below and experience the Trane difference.

Trane AC Units

Quality is why we choose to be a Trane dealer for the North Royalton, Ohio, area. All of our Trane cooling units are available as an air conditioner-only unit, or as a heat pump.

XL20i: A Premium Unit Providing Top Efficiency When Paired With a Trane Indoor Unit
The XL20i's seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) rating of up to 20.00 is among the highest energy efficiency ratings of any air conditioner available today. It has two compressors: one for milder weather and a second, larger compressor for extremely hot days. It's like having two units in one.

XL16i: Features a Two-Stage Condenser for Consistent Temperatures & Good Efficiency Levels
Whether it's hot or mild, the Trane XL16i offers flexible family comfort. With two-stage cooling, your home will beat the heat, even in rooms that have been hard to cool in the past. The XL16i's SEER rating of up to 17.15 makes it an energy-efficient choice for home comfort.

XL15i: Quiet, Comfortable, & Cool with a Higher Efficiency, Dependable Condenser
The XL15i comes with a lot of benefits, like tough construction and efficient operation that lowers your energy bills. One thing you won't notice is when it's running, because the XL15i is the quietest of Trane's single-stage systems. That's comfort you can feel and hear (or in this case, not hear). The XL15i's SEER rating of up to 16.0 makes it an energy-efficient choice for home comfort.

XR13 & XR15: Quiet, Comfortable, & Cool With an Efficient, Dependable Condenser
Long-lasting reliability and durability make the XR13 and XR15 smart investments in comfort. With up to 13 SEER and 15 SEER ratings respectively, these units can overcome even the most stifling days with dependable comfort. Materials for all components are tested again and again for long-lasting performance and reliability.

Trane Furnaces

All winter long, you depend on your furnace to meet the heating needs of your family. That's why Trane heating systems are built to perform year after year. Trane also offers many energy-efficient options to save you money. Some of Trane's furnaces operate at over 95 percent efficiency, which means that 95 percent of the fuel you pay for is converted into heat for your home.

XV95: 95+ Percent Efficiency With All Around Best Technology Available & Variable Speed
The Energy Star-qualified XV95 provides efficient performance and is rated with up to 96.7 percent annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE). The variable-speed fan motor adjusts to provide a consistent flow of warm, comfortable air that allows for even heating with quiet operation. Materials for all components are tested again and again for long-lasting performance and durability. The optional communication feature enhances your control of the system. Download the Trane brochure for more information.

XL90: 90+ Percent Efficiency With Two-Stage Heating
The XL90 offers efficient performance with a 92 percent AFUE. The built-in two-stage heating helps prevent temperature swings for maximum comfort at all times of the day or night. Materials for all components are tested again and again for long-lasting performance and durability.

XR95: 95+ Percent Efficiency With Single-Stage Heating
The XR95 offers efficient performance with a 95 percent AFUE. Materials for all components are tested again and again for long-lasting performance and durability. Download the Trane brochure for more information.

80 Percent Efficiency Furnaces
Trane's 80 percent efficiency product line uses at least 80 percent of energy input to generate warm air. This product line is an affordable alternative to the other Trane furnaces available. This family of products is not EnergyStar rated.

Trane Air Handlers/Electric Furnaces

In systems that use a heat pump exclusively to heat the air, the air handler or electric furnace is a critical part of your system. Its job is to effectively circulate heated and cooled air throughout your home.

With a properly sized Trane heat pump/air handler system, your family has the right amount of comfortable air all year long. Efficient Trane air handlers make a significant contribution to the overall efficiency of your system because they reduce the work your outdoor unit has to do to make your home comfortable.

Trane manufactures quiet, efficient air handlers/electric furnaces with the flexibility of side and upright configuration to fit in any space. With their quiet design, Trane's air handlers can be placed in a finished basement, under stairs, or in a closet. You'll never have to worry about your Trane air handler dominating the conversation!

Variable speed, multi-speed, and single-speed motors are available. We are happy to discuss air handler applications with you further.

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