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Air Quality

Whole Home Indoor Air Cleaners for Easy Breathing

Many people spend over 90 percent of their time indoors. With energy conservation and building codes calling for structures to be sealed tighter than ever, indoor air quality has become an important health issue.

Facts About Indoor Air Quality

We are committed to offering you the latest technologies to alleviate symptoms and reduce the health risks associated with indoor air pollution. Levels of air pollution indoors can be as much as 100 times higher than outdoor levels. It can be caused by many factors, including the following:

• Cleaning Agents
• Car Products
• Laundry Detergents
• Pesticides
• Paints
• Solvents
• Chlorine Bleach
• Rug & Upholstery Cleaners
• Carpet Fibers
• Carpet Adhesives & Padding

Some of these materials release contaminants into the air right away, while others do so over time. These air pollutants can cause allergic reactions, eye and skin irritation, respiratory tract irritation, asthma attacks, and sinus infections. If you'd like to learn more about indoor air quality, visit the EPA's website.

Air Cleaners

Long gone are the days of using an air filter that plugged in, made a lot of noise, and effectively cleaned about a 10-foot radius. A lot of research and development has gone into creating extremely effective whole-home solutions that work in conjunction with your central HVAC system.

Trane CleanEffects

At the high end of electronic air cleaner (EAC) technology is the exclusive Trane CleanEffects line. These amazing filtration systems use a field of charged ions to trap up to 99.3 percent of particulates down to 0.03 microns in size. In plain English, this system traps germs that cause the common cold and flu, as well as cigarette smoke, pet dander, and dust every time the air circulates through your ductwork and air system. It provides the ultimate in EAC technology.

Aprilaire 2210/2410

The Aprilaire 2210/2410 traps 98 percent of visible airborne dust and other large particles, and at least 97 percent of airborne pollen-sized particles. It contains more than 30 times the filtering media found in standard 1" furnace filters. The only maintenance required is the replacement of filtering media every one to two years.

If you have allergies, you need effective whole-house air cleaning. Aprilaire Whole-House Air Cleaning Systems provide superior cleaning benefits and proven results.

Humidification & Ventilation

Please check back for information on humidifiers, dehumidifiers, steam humidifiers, and fresh-air ventilation systems (ERV, HRV). We offer solutions for every type of system in the North Royalton, Ohio, area.

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